Better Education

Education and school building improvements

1. Donation of English Medium books for classes 1 & 2 at Thuldunga School for 10 students
This was a special request from the schools in Kangel. Each set costs $15.

2. Tanks and clean water
This has already been achieved at four schools.

3.Toilets have been built at four schools. This means children have access to clean water and proper sanitation.

4. School desks at a cost of $75 each. This has been completed in two schools.

5. Fitzroy Readers
We are experimenting with the phonetic approach to the teaching of English at some of the schools in Kangel. A site licence was purchased and some extra material was donated by Fitzroy Readers.

We donated a laptop and a set of books to two schools in Kangel.

Fitzroy Readers
Fitzroy Readers

Fitzroy Readers
Fitzroy Readers

6. Help with education expense for some students. The cost of fees, uniforms and books for junior classes is $100. This covers all expenses. Secondary students cost $150 and Classes 11 & 12 cost $200.

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