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From its small beginnings as a Library and Resource Centre located outside Kathmandu in 2003, the Rotary Club of Yarra Bend has helped the Bright Future Community Centre (BFCC) expand to encompass a wide variety of activities.  Our link with Rotary means all funds which we raise are used in the project.  There are no administration costs.  All our volunteers pay their own costs.

  • We are a resource centre for the community
  • We assist families with the education of their children (75 students now attend school aided by the centre)
  • In 2015 the older students set up night classes for young children, which they run with minimum supervision by us.
  • The Dreamland Computer School was started in 2005. With its self-contained solar power, it is able to provide free computer education resources for BFCC students
  • A new laptop lab. in BFCC provides free education for local women and teaches computer skills to our students
  • The Bright Future Health Centre was opened in 2009. It is now run by the local Red Cross providing a teaching facility for visiting doctors and helping with health education.
  • There is a gym attached to the Health Centre and several women attend regularly.
  • A sewing school was opened in 2011 helping local women to gain skills to assist in generating a small income.
  • We have expanded into the Solukhumbu to help the village of Kangel
  • The sewing school has expanded to include work with Days for Girls.


BFCC  Bright Future Community Centre

‘There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in’ – Graham Greene

Education is very important and should be the right of every child, which is why the programs at Bright Future Community Centre are so valuable.  Those tourists who say their visit to BFCC is not important should realize they will have some impact, however small, on the lives of the children.  Volunteers help develop language skills and broaden education beyond the classroom.  Many have skills such as photography or music and a simple lesson can be a real inspiration for the children.

Bright Future Community Centre began in 2003 and since then has helped more than 300 children with their education.  Some students are with us briefly, but some, Mamata, Mahalaxmi, Kajol and Srijana have remained since the beginning and now run special programs for younger children. They help as translators when tourists visit and run the programs when Netra is unavailable.

The morning and evening homework sessions run throughout the year and there are various holiday programs.  In October,during Dashain, we run a holiday program which concentrates on creative activities.

You can support a child at school with a small donation.  $50 pays for a child’s education at a government school at primary level.  The cost increases to $100 for lower secondary and $200 covers the costs of upper secondary education.  An extra $20 pays for uniform and books.

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